Futaleufu - Patagonia Chile

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Travel guide to Futaleufu, Patagonia Chile

Futaleufu: Tourism information about this beatiful area where you can carry out several activities like whitewater rafting, flyfishing and sea kayaking among others...

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FUTALEUFU: a 1,153 inhabitants’ town located at the riverside of the homonymous river and just 10 kilometers away from the frontier, by the pass that drives to Esquel, in Argentina.
That was the place from where the first colonists entered in the decade of 1920, beginning the cattle raising. In 1940, a fire razed with the forest. In 1960 the contact grew with Chile thanks to the commercial aviation and in 1982 it was communicated via terrestrial, through the southern highway.
As much in the town as in the surroundings (lakes Espolón and Lonconao), it has been stimulated the installation of hotels and fishing lodges, giving to the region international prestige among the lovers of the Fly Casting.
The Futaleufu river is world famous because it is excellent for the whitewater rafting and kayaking.

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