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Travel guide to Puerto San Julian, Patagonia Argentina

Puerto San Julian: Travel guide featuring saltwater fishing, hotels listings, trips description, maps and services. Know more about Puerto San Julian, Patagonia Argentina.

PUERTO SAN JULIAN: located beside the bay of the same name between Cabo Curioso and Punta Desengaño. It is just 3 kilometers to the east of the national route #3 but you arrives by the provincial route #25 that comes from Gobernador Gregores, in the geographical center of Santa Cruz's province.
The history of Puerto San Julián is excessively interesting. This place was baptized by Hernando de Magallanes who remained several months in this place in 1520 before discovering the famous strait. That same year, April 1, it took place the mass of Ramos, first religious act in the Argentiean history.
Magallanes people called “Patagones” to the native of these lands from where it comes the name Patagonia. After settling down the first ‘Estancias’ (ranchs) in this area the current city Puerto San Julián was founded in 1901.
There is very good sea fishing in the whole coast of the bay which is a Provincial Natural Reservation that includes the island Banco Cormorán, inhabited by Magellan penguins and an infinity of marine birds, and the island Banco Justicia in which ‘royal cormorans’ nests.

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Puerto San Julian
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