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What to do in Futrono - Lago Ranco, Patagonia Chile

From Llifén to the lake Maihue: from Llifén, village in the east margin of the lake, among the outlet of the rivers Caunahue and Calcurrupe, to the lake Maihue. This is a beautiful lengthened lake that it has an access to the western end where it is the drainage in the river Calcurrupe, the port Llolles, and the Cumilahue Lodge, an exclusive fishing limit. You can also consent to the lake by the north riverside, near the outlet of the river Blanco, from where the road skirts the lake toward the east arriving at the beach Maqueo, the prettiest in the lake.
From Lago Ranco to Puerto Nuevo: going by the Forest Quillín, a natural reservation of olive trees and by the nascent of the Bueno river. It is necessary to stray downstream some kilometers and to cross it in raft to arrive to Puerto Nuevo, the oldest fishing center of the lake. It has good beach for nautical sports.
From Puerto Nuevo to Futrono: summer houses can be seen in the country properties Imahue and Rucahue and after 20 kilometers you arrives to Bahía Coique, the most important real estate-tourist complex in the south of Chile, on the best beach in the lake. There are good restaurants, apart-hotel and a renowned golf court in the whole country. Few kilometers later on, before arriving to Futrono is located Playa Marina with very good readiness of cabins and houses in rent.
From Futrono to island Guapi: where a community Huiliche inhabits, dedicated to the cultivation of the wheat, cattle raising and elaboration of crafts. You can travel in the barge Guapi that takes 2 round trip trips to the island per day in the months of summer.

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